Reid’s Beans 

Take and Bake Menu



    Blend of Ricotta, Marinara sauce and other cheeses layered between pasta sheets; available with either asparagus and peppers or a blend of beef and sausage.  Accompanied by green salad and fresh garlic bread.


Seafood Manicotti

    A mixture of shellfish, salmon, and whitefish blended with Ricotta and wrapped in pasta.  Topped with Alfredo sauce and even more cheese.  Green salad and fresh garlic bread included.

Shepherd’s Pie

    Savory stewed beef and vegetables topped with whipped and browned potatoes.  Fresh bread and green salad as well.


Pot Pie

    Your choice, Beef or Chicken.  Mixed with potatoes, vegetables, creamy sauce and wrapped in pie crust.  Served with mixed green salad.

(9” pie; will comfortably serve three)


Chicken and Artichoke Bake

    Chicken breast, asparagus, artichokes and penne pasta tossed in pesto and cheeses.  Topped with pesto cream and served with fresh bread and mixed green salad.



Prices (not including tax)


2 Portion Meal        18.00 

4 Portion Meal        35.00

Pot Pie            18.00


Afternoon delivery in the immediate West Branch area available.

Please order by 10:00am to ensure same day service.